Wendy Stickells

Veterinary Surgeon

Wendy Stickells - Veterinary Surgeon
Wendy Stickells BVetMed MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

I grew up always knowing that I wanted to be a vet and despite my lack of love for the sciences achieved my dream! I joined TVS in 2008 and feel blessed to work with such a lovely team here. I am passionate about neutering and I enjoy soft tissue surgery and caring for the patients in general practice.

During my holidays I try to go to a sunny climate to help with looking after the strays of that particular country and I also foster cats for ARC. You may see my running through Twickenham riverside and Bushy park, say 'hi', if you see me!

My dream for the future is to set up a mobile neutering clinic to look after the strays home and abroad.