Kimberley Scott

Veterinary Nurse

Kimberley Scott
Kimberley Scott RVN Veterinary Nurse

After spending the first ten years of my working life as a freelance designer and children’s book Illustrator, I made the decision that it was time to follow two of my other passions, animals and biology.  Having moved to Australia with my husband I began studying and working in a veterinary hospital in Sydney and in 2018 qualified as a Veterinary Nurse.

I regard it as an honour to be able to work with animals on a daily basis and help nurse them back to health. Not only do I love caring for the patients, I also have a genuine passion for the science behind it all. Whether its physiology, laboratory work, pharmacology, or anaesthesia, it excites me!  

Growing up I nurtured a number of hamsters and gerbils (and a fair few snails) and as a teenager a stubborn little Jack Russell from Battersea Dogs home - he certainly instilled a soft spot for terriers in me! Upon returning from Australia, my husband and I were very lucky to adopt Maisie, another little Jack Russell Terrier cross. She brings us so much joy and laughter…now I just need to refrain from adopting anymore!