Lisa Konovalova


Lisa Konovalova
Lisa Konovalova Receptionist

Growing up in Ukraine I would find homeless kittens on the street and try to give them away to random people.  My dream as a kid was to open a rescue centre for homeless animals in my home city.  In 2014, when Russia invaded Ukraine for the first time, I went with friends to the Donetsk region to save the abandoned pets in our area. 

Now I'm very proud to be a part of a wonderful team at Twickenham Vets.  I think it's important to support small local charity organisations, like ARC (Animal Rescue and Care) as well big charities such as WWF.  I'm hoping to progress in my career and eventually travel to countries in need to help homeless animals.

I have a chunky Scottish fold cat, who moved here with me from Ukraine a few years ago.